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 What is massage? The word massage is very old. We can’t tell where exactly it comes from. For example “massa” in Arabic means “to feel, to touch”, “friction of kneading” is the meaning of the word “massage” in French, in Latin the word “massa” means “dough or mass”.

Massage can be called “hand on” treatment. Although, knees and feet can be used when it is applied, mostly hands, forearm, elbows are used. Massage involves different techniques-pressing, stroking, tapping, rubbing, kneading, circular movements on different parts on the human body. By stimulating muscles and soft tissues these massage techniques helps to relieve pain, relax, to amend muscle tone, well-being and health, reduce stress, rehabilitate.

Massage has a lot of benefits – it works on tenders, muscles, joints, soft tissue, lymphatic vessels, skin as well as some organs. The client usually is lying or sitting on massage tables or massage chairs, or lying on a pad on the floor. Depends on the massage the client can be partly or fully unclothed, and cover with towels. People who practice massage are called masseuses or massage therapist.

 Massage History

We can say that massage therapy is 4000 years old. There are evidences of practicing massage in ancient civilizations like Japan, India, Egypt, Rome, Arabic nations, China.

These days massage Winnipeg is part of healthcare, and it is taught and practice more and more. With the grow of alternative medicine, massage therapy grow rapidly too. About 80 million appointments for relaxation massage are made every year. Massage Winnipeg is offered not only in clinics and hospitals, fitness facilities, spas, but also in business, airports and malls.

Massage Benefits and risks.

Massage Winnipeg
Clinical studies show that massage is helpful for a lot of medical conditions and situations including: Autism, Diabetes, ADHD, Bulimia, and etc. In general the benefits from massage are associated with managing depression, stiffness, stress relief, ease pain, boost energy and immunity, blood pressure control, aids to sleep undisturbed, reduce discomfort during pregnancy. Massage is very helpful for back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia. Even patients with advanced cancer can used the benefits from massage.

It is very important before choosing massage Winnipeg therapist to ask about his training, license and experience. The biggest problem and risk from massage is lack of or improper training of the therapist. You need registered massage therapist, to find registered massage therapist in Winnipeg browse the massage Winnipeg website. Even though massage is considered safe, pain or discomfort may be experienced depend on kind of massage, some requires great pressure that can cause even bruising or swelling. Another risk comes with essentials oils that are used in a variety of massages. Client may experience allergic reactions as nausea and headache.

Even though for good massage the most important is the therapist and his skills, the massage session requires equipment. The equipments are designed to enhance the comfort of the person receiving a massage. There are few basic equipment – massage tables and chairs, massage mat, massage oils, lotions, creams or gels, stones, massaging spa, appropriate relaxing music.

People with some health conditions (kidney or heart failure, bleeding disorders, blood cloths, vein infections, fractures) should avoid variety of massages. After all said you should not replace your medical care with massage Winnipeg therapy.



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